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  1. jjhiii24 says:


    This is a great comparison, and an excellent contrasting set of views of our irrational fears, and these issues DEFINITELY need to be RE-visited in our century, I always love it when someone points out the EXTREMES of what is happening or what MAY happen given a particular emphasis in the way of the world. Many of these issues should be examined and talked about in an effort to decipher what is going wrong and how we can make it right, but it is my view that we do not contribute substantially to the resolution by pointing to the extreme ends of an issue. There are components of Orwell’s vision that have come to fruition, but many of them have been mitigated by opposing forces, just as the criticisms of Huxley have, to some extent, been justified by our obsessions with the perks of modern life, but the totality of his ideas are not shared by everyone, and there are plenty of us who do not embrace the “dumbing down” that occurs with complacency.

    Overstating the problems of both views has the wonderful effect of pointing us toward a clearer view of what perils there are in embracing one or the other completely. Meeting somewhere in the middle is a bit more palatable for your average person, and more representative of where we are heading.

    Thanks for sharing this…….John H.

  2. brokeartist says:

    Excellent post. I’m sharing. Thank you Rick.

  3. I agree with John H above; a great resource, thanks.

  4. Rick Searle says:

    Thanks guys. I wish I could find more from this artist, but they seem to have only this in their gallery.

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