4 comments on “Lascaux

  1. juanlealjr says:

    This was an interesting blog. The idea of creating music to algorithms is interesting and you are right some people would not be able to understand a musical piece this way. It would have to be studied.

    • Rick Searle says:

      The IMUS piece itself that I discuss is difficult to understand, at least for me. It’s done in the abstract style of classical music which never sounds quite right to my ear. My meaning in terms of understanding more generally, though, is different from what I think it is you are driving at.

      The algorithm creates music but doesn’t understand what it means- it’s just running a program.
      The human being, at least those who are not programmers doesn’t understand the algorithm and interprets its music as if it was composed by a person.

      If we do ever succeed in creating machines with human type consciousness I think they will create art and it will blow our minds hopefully we will be able to understand it…

  2. bouler34 says:

    Who has Painted This Art?

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